In this third edition of The Conscious Body meetings, we invite academics and dance/performance  makers  to explore together the inter-subjective space occupied by the performer and spectator. This one day event will also mark the end of the first phase of the labodanse project ( with Myriam Gourfink.

The day will open with a presentation of the labodanse project by Asaf Bachrach

Three main  sessions will follow, each led by two invited contributors (one from academia and one from the arts) who will interrogate each others perspective / experience / understanding of spectating and its underlying cognitive processes. Ample time will be reserved for a general conversation.

Following the three main sessions we will hold a “poster session” open to contributions on the topic  from both academia and the arts (in the form of a poster, video projection, installation….). More information in the “call for contributions” page.

The day will end with a performance by Myriam Gourfink’s company.

The invited contributors:

Rosalind Crisp

Natalie Depraz

Frédéric Deslias

Alessandro D”Ausilio

Myriam Gourfink

Catherine Stevens

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